Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Real-Life Doogie Howser

No, NPH did not get a license to practice medicine; this twelve-year-old from a small village in India reportedly has an IQ higher than Einstein's, was performing surgery at seven, and has now been meeting and conferencing with some of the top medical minds in the world.

However, one of the oddest factoids from the article is this:
However, Akrit’s progress came at a price: frustrated with the perceived lack of support for his gifted son, Akrit’s father became depressed and left the family home last year, telling him not to get in touch until Akrit had found a cure for cancer. Adored by his self-sacrificing mother and treated as a genius, Akrit has no doubt he will do this.
Wow, talk about parental pressure. Somehow thoughts of not getting ice cream after losing the big game don't seem as relevant anymore.

Read the whole article here: The Seven-Year-Old Surgeon

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