Saturday, March 22, 2008

FAO Schwarz: Make Your Own (Anatomically Correct) Monster

I woke up this morning with a neat little page that I'm assuming got onto my browser when I stumbled and then switched tabs before it could load. But that's beside the point. The point is that I came upon this cool little site displaying a new FOA Schwarz Exclusive which lets kids draw their own monster and fork up a measly $250 to have it made into a surprisingly accurate plush rendition.

And when I say surprisingly accurate, I mean it; the people at the North American Bear Co. seem to put a lot of care into making these stuffed animals... er... monsters as close to the retarded scribblings of children as possible.

Take this weird guy, adorned with weird spikes and moles popping out of his feakishly round head. The monster he designed is pretty cool tho:

And this monster design, while a bit simple, translates into what I must say is a pretty rad stuffed monster:

Although, hon, you look a bit old to be having your parents shell out 250 bones to buy you stuffed animals...

But my biggest shock came when I came across a design called Dot by an innocent enough little tyke named Sherri.
Notice anything a little disturbing about the picture? Here, have a closer look:

It appears little Sherri wants her monster to be a bit more than a friend. Let's see if the boys at North American Bear Co. noticed this lil' inconspicuous detail and if they actually implemented it:

That's perfect. I wonder if the parents noticed that part of their daughter's drawing, and what they think of her brand new purple monster with a big fuzzy dong hanging between its legs!

Link: Make My Own Monsters Creation Boutique

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